INDUSTRUCTIBLE Clothing…Nothing Can Break Your Spirit, was just the natural flow of wanting to express myself and spiritual beliefs more. With a concept from my brother Anthony, we started in June of 2009. As with all inspiring ideas, the creative concept begins to take a life on it ‘s own. The interpretations of the art took a new meaning when a friend and spiritual counselor saw them and gave an additional insight in to what the art represented.

The images are based on symbols of protection. Teros, the sword and shield being the first in the series. On the back,         Da Vincis’ “Vesuvian man,” representing Body, Mind and Spirit.

The second in the series, “Guardian”  St.Michael, the highest of the sword angels is on the back of our men’s shirts.

The latest is  “Vision”, is a memorial shirt. A tribute to  Anthony. Without his Vision we, Industructible, would have never existed.

We print our clothing on top of the line fabrics. You will notice the quality immediately.  Our clothing feels good on. The colors are also selectively chosen to represent the different energies in your body.  Do you know you how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind? How it can change  and effect your life? Choosing the right colors can impact subliminally and positively on the subconscious mind.

In keeping with the uniqueness of our philosophy, our clothing and images are created on a limited edition basis. We don’t produce every size in every color. Not all images are reproduced either. We would like to thank everyone in our circle of family and friends who have added so much support collectively to the growth of Industructible Clothing. You have enhanced our lives so we may pass on our message to others.

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